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Below are all of my available dates for January and February. Please note that I only see an absolute maximum of two clients per day so ensure when contacting me you include preferred date and time, length of session, services and any extras (if applicable). If you fail to do this, I wouldn't waste your time in expecting a reply. My standard working hours are between 11am and 8pm, where this differs alternative hours will be listed. 


Monday 27th - 3pm-8pm

Thursday 30th
Friday 31st - Cuckold sessions available


Tuesday 4th

Friday 7th - Doubles with Miss Sloane & Cuckold sessions available

Monday 10th - Cuckold sessions available
Tuesday 11th

Thursday 13th - Cuckold sessions available
Friday 14th
Saturday 15th - Cuckold sessions available

Monday 17th - Cuckold sessions available
Tuesday 18th

Thursday 20th - Cuckold sessions available
Friday 21st

Monday 24th
Tuesday 25th

Thursday 26th
Friday 27th

May: TBA

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