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Favourites, Part One: Moxy Mummification

Photo by Vera Violette

When I am asked about my past favourite session/s, a few do come to mind. I have worked in many different spaces, from basic hotels to fully equipped dungeons. You may think that one over the other guarantees a better and more memorable session - that is untrue. I personally believe what makes a great session at the core is the relationship between the dominant and submissive. I thrive on my submissive’s reactions: their moans; staggered breathing; ecstasy-induced eye-rolling. I am not talking about having chemistry as a necessity, but rather just being able to observe reactions to different stimuli. I find some clients are incredibly hard to read, these sessions feel like hard work for me. Sometimes, these responses can be completely out of your control - unfamiliar vocals escape you and you feel free to act in ways you usually may not. When I think of involuntary reactions, one session specifically comes to mind… THE SESSION

I absolutely love Stratford. Always have. The ‘Moxy’ hotel just down from Stratford Centre was a place I worked in frequently last year. One client who sticks very vividly in my mind came to see me on one of my London tours when I was still living in Brighton. He was incredibly polite, very tall and almost nerdy honestly. A delight. His enquiry intrigued me as he requested mummification, which I had not been able to explore yet. Cling film was our method. Very effective and fun to wrap someone in, but admittedly environmentally questionable as we used most of the roll. My client showered whilst I prepared the room. He came out of the bathroom, completely stripped down, looking quite nervous. I instructed him to walk slowly towards me with his hands down by his sides. I started to wrap him in the cling film as tightly as I could, starting from his legs and working my way up to his shoulders. Once he was all wrapped up tight, I made him shuffle over to the bed, he resembled a fish as he flopped onto the bed. I would soon find out that this would not be the first time during the session that I would laugh at him. I already had my ‘tools’ next to the bed which included a doxy wand and a small pair of rose gold nail scissors. I sat on his thighs, ran my nails over the cling film encasing him and then wrapped my long fingers around his bare neck. He looked nervous and desperate, which is my favourite look a submissive can have. I grabbed my nail scissors and dragged them along the layers of cling film covering his cock, teasing him with the sharp edge. I slowly started to cut into the plastic, he looked even more nervous then. I cut a neat circle around his crotch, reached in and pulled his cock through the hole. Whilst doing this I had barely stopped making eye contact, I like watching fear creep in too much to look away. I put my scissors away and then climbed onto his upper chest whilst facing him. I slowly leaned back so my covered pussy was close to his face, he instinctively inhaled and moaned loudly. He tried to move to get closer, but was met with the restrictive binding around him, made much worse with my full weight on top of him. I then covered his cock with lube and slowly began to edge him. When I finally sat on his face uncovered he was wildly inhaling me. At this point, I had been mercilessly edging his cock with my hands and doxy for over 20 minutes. I instructed him to also inhale my arsehole like the perv he is. Then, much like a horny dog, he involuntarily stared making a sound that I can only compare to barking. He then started to sound like he was humming and made some other noises which I would struggle to even describe. Then the begging started. Pushing someone to this point of desperation will never bore me. My submissives are always told to get permission to finish and they must tell me when they are getting close, mostly so I can deny and build them up again. He must have told me multiple times that he was close when the bucking started. He begged me for the last time to finish, I agreed, and when it rained, it poured, if you know what I mean. Miss Brynn

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