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Miss Brynn's Malevolent Mitts

Some of my favourite sessions are ones that focus on using my hands - choking, stuffing and stroking. Touching my submissives is a perfect way to initially develop trust and rapport. It also sets the tone of the session, making my play partner fall deeply into a dreamy sub space. My hands are incredibly soft, with long slender fingers and delicately manicured nails. Do not be fooled though, as they are equally capable of both hurting and healing you. I love pursuing themes of invasive touch in my work, whether that's me shoving my latex-cladded fingers down your throat, performing a gloved prostate exam or holding your mouth wide open whilst I bless you with my piss - you will leave a session with me feeling phantom traces all over your skin. I have always loved hands, mostly because they are an active body part, or put more simply, they do things - build up, tear down, comfort, frighten, heal, injure, to name a few. I gain pleasure from simply watching someone use their hands, even in a non-sexual way. As I go deeper into my role as a dominatrix, there are certain sessions which stand out to me. For example, I will never forget my first face slapping booking. Slamming my palms and fingers against my sub's cute little cheeks until they were the same colour as my gloves set the precedent of my sessions and inspired me to invent more ways to harm those who belong under my feet.

Recently I have been exploring fisting with a regular submissive - I was familiar with fisting from watching porn, typically an act marked as 'obscene' and often banned completely from traditional adult websites. There is something quite different however about watching it being done to someone else on screen and then feeling a once tight arsehole stretch to accommodate the widest part of your fist, and then close again around your wrist. I actually have two distinct bruises on the back of my right hand from the pressure of his tailbone, something that I am quite proud of. It never takes this particular submissive long to open up his hole to me. The noises released from his mouth simultaneously amuses and excites me, at one point he says in exasperation "ooh, that's lovely", like he's had his first sip of Earl Grey on a slow Sunday morning. It tells me that this isn't the first time a mistress has been brutally stretching his arsehole whilst he greedily inhales poppers, and by the way he can't seem to stay away, it definitely won't be his last. Miss Brynn

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